Gorilla surgery

I was asked to photograph a sinus surgery performed on Woodland Park Zoo gorilla Vip by Dr. Greg Davis, an… Read more Gorilla surgery

Sarah St. Albin show

I photographed singer-songwriter Sarah St. Albin performing at the Serendipity Cafe in Seattle.

Ruohola-Baker lab

I took photos to accompany a story about a research project at the Ruohola-Baker lab at UW Medicine’s South Lake… Read more Ruohola-Baker lab

Heat Safety Tips

A video I created for UW Medicine about how to stay safe during a heatwave.

Exploding e-cigarettes

I filmed and produced this short video for UW Medicine about the risks of using e-cigarettes.

Blood clot detector

Small-scale clot detector, big value to trauma patients Mechanical engineers and an emergency-medicine specialist collaborate to develop device that rapidly… Read more Blood clot detector

New Eastside clinic

Eastside Specialty Center expands, changes venue Facility doubles number of providers, offers new services including ultra-low dose CT, neurology.

Match Day 2014

An envelope opens and the near-future crystallizes On Match Day, euphoria mingles with letdown as medical students learn their residency… Read more Match Day 2014

Depression care for women

New care approach eases depression among women Favorable outcomes emerge from integrating mental health into obstetrics/gynecology services.

Summer safety tips

10 tips for averting summertime dangers Barbecues, lawnmowers, boats, fireworks increase emergency department visits.

Preventable rehospitalizations

Mentally ill Medicare patients more likely to be rehospitalized Depression, dementia and cognitive impairment also contribute to greater risk for… Read more Preventable rehospitalizations

Tranexamic acid study

Clot drug tested with suspected brain injuries Could new first-responder treatment lower the mortality rate of trauma victims?

Depression care for women

Q&A: Insights to successful depression care for women Collaborative model’s gains challenge assumptions of women in poverty.

Community study forum

Community discusses pros, cons of upcoming trauma study Attendees examined issue of medical emergency research participation.

Peace Quilt

People who have experienced homelessness and alcohol or drug use problems created a peace quilt to showcase what matters to… Read more Peace Quilt

Safe medication disposal

I filmed and produced this video to help people learn how to safely dispose of medications.

Girls in STEM

A group of middle school girls visited UW Medicine labs. I filmed and produced this video about their visit.

Blood clot removal

I filmed Dr. Michael Levitt, a UW Medicine neurosurgeon, simulating blood clot removal.

Sepsis symptoms

I produced this video about sepsis symptoms.

Stroke symptoms

I filmed and produced this video about recognizing stroke symptoms.

All about pneumonia

I created this video after noticing Google Trends post on social media about “pneumonia” being the most misspelled word in… Read more All about pneumonia

Eclipse safety

I created this video about solar eclipse-watching safety for UW Medicine.

Right as Rain teaser

I created this short teaser video for UW Medicine’s new digital publication, Right as Rain.

Right as Rain promo

I filmed and produced this promotional video for UW Medicine’s new digital publication, Right as Rain.

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Life & Death





Insect Portraits


PNW Life

Oregon’s High Desert

I visited Central Oregon’s High Desert for the first time in August 2018. It happened to be a bad wildfire… Read more Oregon’s High Desert